The service to request a cab via mobile phone

Sms-Taxi is a service active in the largest Italian cities that allows you to request or book a cab via your phone, just send a text message!

But how does it work?
These are the necessary steps:

  • type the message indicating the city and address where you are located, and send it to 366 673 0000 for example: rome via dei condotti 26 (do not insert commas).
  • you will receive a reply text from the 3570 switchboard, which will inform you of the activation of the taxi search: “Taxi search has been activated. Please wait for a confirmation SMS. Thank you”.
  • you will receive a second SMS in which you will be provided with information regarding the identification of the taxi and the expected time of arrival: “Rovigo 60 will arrive in 3 minutes. Thank you”.

  • In case you have booked a taxi for a different time or date from when the text message was sent, you will receive:

  • booking confirmation sms.
  • second sms, 10 minutes before the set time, that reminds you of the booking and informs you of the identification of the incoming taxi.

  • What do I need to have?

  • a mobile phone.
  • the number to which to send the text 366 673 0000.

  • Advantages: comfort and safety

  • the service is always available by mobile.
  • the service is instantaneous, doesn't require registration.
  • you can decide whether to request an immediate taxi or booking a ride.
  • this innovative service allows you to call a cab in a convenient and quick way.

  • The implementation of the taxi request service via sms has been positive for the company processes too: the benefits generated by its usage are quantifiable through some performance indicators. Moreover, the most important benefit for the client is the speed at which a reply is received: thanks to the sms service, the time spent booking a cab is reduced by 80% and the time to access the service is at the same time reduced for calls.

    How much does it cost to use SMS TAXI?
    The service is free. The cost is that of sending an sms according to your phone plan, there are no additional costs.

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